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Re: Pedophile Warning


The heretics reproach us for this superstitious submission. This is to do
what they reproach us for…

Infidelity, not to believe in the Eucharist, because it is not seen.

Superstition to believe propositions. Faith, etc.

256. I say there are few true Christians, even as regards faith. There are
many who believe but from superstition. There are many who do not believe
solely from wickedness. Few are between the two.

In this I do not include those who are of truly pious character, nor all
those who believe from a feeling in their heart.

257. There are only three kinds of persons; those who serve God, having
found Him; others who are occupied in seeking Him, not having found Him;
while the remainder live without seeking Him and without having found Him.
The first are reasonable and happy, the last are foolish and unhappy; those
between are unhappy and reasonable.

258. Unusquisque sibi Deum fingit.[37]


259. Ordinary people have the power of not thinking of that about which they
do not wish to think. "Do not meditate on the passages about the Messiah,
said the Jew to his son. Thus our people often act. Thus are false religions
preserved, and even the true one, in regard to many persons.

But there are some who have not the power of thus preventing thought, and
who think so much the more as they are forbidden. These undo false religions
and even the true one, if they do not find solid arguments.

260. They hide themselves in the press and call numbers to their rescue.

Authority.–So far from making it a rule to believe a thing because you have
heard it, you ought to believe nothing without putting yourself into the
position as if you had never heard it.

It is your own assent to yourself, and the constant voice of your own

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Re: Señor Jesucristo es tardío


467. The reason of effects.–Epictetus. Those who say, "You have a
headache"; this is not the same thing. We are assured of health, and not of
justice; and in fact his own was nonsense.

And yet he believed it demonstrable, when he said, "It is either in our
power or it is not." But he did not perceive that it is not in our power to
regulate the heart, and he was wrong to infer from this the fact that there
were some Christians.

468. No other religion has proposed to men to hate themselves. No other
religion, then, can please those who hate themselves, and who seek a Being
truly lovable. And these, if they had never heard of the religion of a God
humiliated, would embrace it at once.

469. I feel that I might not have been; for the Ego consists in my thoughts.
Therefore I, who think, would not have been, if my mother had been killed
before I had life. I am not, then, a necessary being. In the same way I am
not eternal or infinite; but I see plainly that there exists in nature a
necessary Being, eternal and infinite.

470. "Had I seen a miracle," say men, "I should become converted." How can
they be sure they would do a thing of the nature of which they are ignorant?
They imagine that this conversion consists in a worship of God which is like
commerce, and in a communion such as they picture to themselves. True
religion consists in annihilating self before that Universal Being, whom we
have so often provoked, and who can justly destroy us at any time; in
recognising that we can do nothing without Him, and have deserved nothing
from Him but His displeasure. It consists in knowing that there is an
unconquerable opposition between us and God, and that without a mediator
there can be no communion with Him.

471. It is unjust that men should attach themselves to me, even though they
do it with pleasure and voluntarily. I should deceive those in whom I had
created this desire; for I am not the

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43:18, 19; 65:17, 10

That the Ark will no longer be remembered. Jer. 3:15, 16

That the temple should be rejected. Jer 7:12, 13, 14.

That the sacrifices should be rejected, and other pure sacrifices
established. Malachi 1:11.

That the order of Aaron’s priesthood should be rejected, and that of
Melchizedek introduced by the Messiah. Ps. Dixit Dominus.

That this priesthood should be eternal. Ibid.

That Jerusalem should be rejected, and Rome admitted, Ibid.

That the name of the Jews should be rejected, and a new name given. Isaiah

That this last name should be more excellent than that of the Jews, and
eternal. Isaiah 56:5.

That the Jews should be without prophets (Amos), without a king, without
princes, without sacrifice, without an idol.

That the Jews should, nevertheless, always remain a people. Jer. 31:36

611. Republic.–The Christian republic–and even the Jewish–has only had
God for ruler, as Philo the Jew notices, On Monarchy.

When they fought, it was for God only; their chief hope was in God only;
they considered their towns as belonging to God only, and kept them for God.
I Chron. 19:13.

612. Gen. 17:7. Statuam pactum meum inter me et te foedere sempiterno… us
sim Deus tuus…[108]

Et tu ergo custodies pactum meum.109

Perpetuity.–That religion has always existed on earth which consists in
believing that man has fallen from a state of glory and of communion with
God into a state of sorrow, penitence, and estrangement from God, but that
after this life we shall be restored by a Messiah who should have come. All
things have passed away, and this has endured, for which all things are.


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Re: longest day today!

one becomes the other; the
soul thus being united to the body, the fire to the timber, without change.
But change is necessary to make the form of the one become the form of the
other; thus the union of the Word to man. Because my body without my soul
would not make the body of a man; therefore my soul united to any matter
whatsoever will make my body. It does not distinguish the necessary
condition from the sufficient condition; the union is necessary, but not
sufficient. The left arm is not the right.

Impenetrability is a property of matter.

Identity de numero in regard to the same time requires the identity of

Thus if God united my soul to a body in China, the same body, idem numero
would be in China.

The same river which runs there is idem numero as that which runs at the
same time in China.

513. Why God has established prayer.

1. To communicate to His creatures the dignity of causality.

2. To teach us from whom our virtue comes.

3. To make us deserve other virtues by work.

(But to keep His own pre-eminence, He grants prayer to whom He pleases.)

Objection: But we believe that we hold prayer of ourselves.

This is absurd; for since, though having faith, we cannot have virtues, how
should we have faith? Is there a greater distance between infidelity and
faith than between faith and virtue?

Merit. This word is ambiguous.

Meruit habere Redemptorem.78

Meruit tam sacra membra tangere.79

Digno tam sacra membra tangere.80

Non sum dignus.81

Qui manducat indignus.82

Dignus est accipere.83

Dignare me.84

God is only bound according to His promises. He has promised to grant
justice to prayers; He has never promised prayer only to the children of

Saint Augustine has distinctly said that strength would be taken away from
the righteous. But

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Re: Help finding Madeleine McCann – 4 years old

"God will not permit that a
miracle may lead into error…"

When there shall be a controversy in the same Church, miracle will decide.

Second objection: "But Antichrist will do miracles."

The magicians of Pharaoh did not entice to error. Thus we cannot say to
Jesus respecting Antichrist, "You have led me into error." For Antichrist
will do them against Jesus Christ, and so they cannot lead into error.
Either God will not permit false miracles, or He will procure greater.

Jesus Christ has existed since the beginning of the world: this is more
impressive than all the miracles of Antichrist.

If in the same Church there should happen a miracle on the side of those in
error, men would be led into error. Schism is visible; a miracle is visible.
But schism is more a sign of error than a miracle is a sign of truth.
Therefore a miracle cannot lead into error.

But, apart from schism, error is not so obvious as a miracle is obvious.
Therefore a miracle could lead into error.

Ubi est Deus tuus?209 Miracles show Him, and are a light.

847. One of the anthems for Vespers at Christmas: Exortum est in tenebris
lumen rectis corde.[210]

848. If the compassion of God is so great that He instructs us to our
benefit, even when He hides Himself, what light ought we not to expect from
Him when He reveals Himself?

849. Will Est et non est.211 be received in faith itself as well as in
miracles? And if it is inseparable in the others…

When Saint Xavier works miracles. Saint Hilary. "Ye wretches,

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due time, or appointed time comes, their foot shall slide. Then
they shall be left to fall, as they are inclined by their own weight.
God will not hold them up in these slippery places any longer, but will
let them go; and then, at that very instant, they shall fall into
destruction; as he that stands on such slippery declining ground, on the
edge of a pit, he cannot stand alone, when he is let go he immediately
falls and is lost. The observation from the words that I would now
insist upon is this. — "There is nothing that keeps wicked men at any
one moment out of hell, but the mere pleasure of God." — By the mere
pleasure of God, I mean his sovereign pleasure, his arbitrary will,
restrained by no obligation, hindered by no manner of difficulty, any
more than if nothing else but God’s mere will had in the least degree,
or in any respect whatsoever, any hand in the preservation of wicked men
one moment. — The truth of this observation may appear by the following
considerations. There is no want of power in God to cast wicked men into
hell at any moment. Men’s hands cannot be strong when God rises up. The
strongest have no power to resist him, nor can any deliver out of hi

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Re: New Car that runs on Water under 10,000

still carry the source of all
corruption, which renders them during all their life subject to error,
misery, death, and sin; and it proclaims to the most ungodly that they are
capable of the grace of their Redeemer. So making those tremble whom it
justifies, and consoling those whom it condemns, religion so justly tempers
fear with hope through that double capacity of grace and of sin, common to
all, that it humbles infinitely more than reason alone can do, but without
despair; and it exalts infinitely more than natural pride, but without
inflating; thus making it evident that alone being exempt from error and
vice, it alone fulfils the duty of instructing and correcting men.

Who, then, can refuse to believe and adore this heavenly light? For is it
not clearer than day that we perceive within ourselves ineffaceable marks of
excellence? And is it not equally true that we experience every hour the
results of our deplorable condition? What does this chaos and monstrous
confusion proclaim to us but the truth of these two states, with a voice so
powerful that it is impossible to resist it?

436. Weakness.–Every pursuit of men is to get wealth; and they cannot have
a title to show that they possess it justly, for they have only that of
human caprice; nor have they strength to hold it securely. It is the same
with knowledge, for disease takes it away. We are incapable both of truth
and goodness.

437. We desire truth, and find within ourselves only uncertainty.

We seek happiness, and find only misery and death.

We cannot but desire truth and happiness, and are incapable of certainty or
happiness. This desire is left to us, partly to punish us, partly to make us
perceive wherefrom we are fallen.

438. If man is not made for God, why is he only happy in God? If man is made
for God, why is he so opposed to God?

439. Nature corrupted.–Man does not act by reason, which constitutes his

440. The corruption of reason is shown by the existence of so many

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أنتظر منكم ترحيب

……….(…(_)…) <<< ممكن ترحبون فيني واللا أزعل منكم ؟؟؟
(____ /………….(_____)

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Forwarded message from "Vedic Temple" <atlantavedictem…>

New Executive Committee for 2008

Namastey Everyone,

Wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2008.

May God keep showering his blessings on you and your family
so that you continue to grow Physically, Socially and

Here is the List of new Executive Committee members of
Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple, Nominated for the year 2008.

 Mr. Dhirendra Sharma

Vice President
 Mrs. Mini Sharma and Mr. Kamal Sukhnath

 Dr. Shashi Madan

Joint Secretary
 Mr. Harjinder Pal Sharma

Assistant Secretary
 Mr. Vijay Tondon

 Mr. Baldev Sehgal

Assistant Treasurer
 Mr. Scott Hughes

Advisory Committee
 Dr. Om Arora, Dr. Deen Chandora, Dr. Mrs Vijay Arora,
 Dr. V.D Sharma Mr. Govind Madan and all Ex-presidents


Vishrut Arya
Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple
492 Harmony Grove Rd
Lillburn GA 30047-6573 USA
Phone : 770-381-3662
Email : atlantavedictem…

End of forwarded message from "Vedic Temple" <atlantavedictem…>

Jai Maharaj
Om Shanti

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