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russian photography except for desktop

to law enforcement agencies without notice to
the key owners. These basic requirements make the problem of general key
recovery difficult and expensive – and potentially too insecure and too costly
for many applications and many users.

Attempts to force the widespread adoption of key-recovery encryption through
export controls, import or domestic use regulations, or international standards
should be considered in light of these factors. The public must carefully
consider the costs and benefits of embracing government-access key recovery
before imposing the new security risks and spending the huge investment
required (potentially many billions of dollars, in direct and indirect costs)
to deploy a global key recovery infrastructure.


                       Government Steamroller
                       ———- ———–

Force anyone receiving government money to use crackable crypto?

Import restrictions in the U.S.?

Outlaw all non-government approved crypto?

That would never happen…would it?

:  [search for article titl

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sweet clash upon canal

It has never turned down a request, and doesn’t even need suspicion
of a crime to authorize a "black-bag job" burglary.

Question:   Then why bother?
Answer:     To give the illegal activity the imprimatur of constitutionality.

And presidents issue secret directives that obliterate constitutional rights.

Like the creation of the NSA.

NSA testimony to Congress: "There is no law that prevents our domestic spying".

Such is the unconstitutional power of the Presidential Magic Order.

It is even threatened to be used to wipe out Congressional legislation:

:   However, President Clinton has threatened to veto ProCode.
:   If Congress over-rides a VETO President Clinton signed an
:   executive order (11/15/96) which states he can revoke any law
:   passed on national security grounds:
:     "Upon enactment of any legislation reauthorizing the
:     administration of export controls, the Secretary of Defense,
:     the Secretary of State, and the Attorney General shall
:     reexamine whether adequate controls on encryption products can
:     be maintained under the provisions of the new statute and
:     advise the Secretary of Commerce of their conclusions as well
:     as any recommendations for action. If adequate controls on
:     encryption products cannot be maintained under a new statute,
:     then such products shall, where consistent with law, be
:     designated or redesignated as defense articles under 22 U.S.C.
:     2778(a)(1), to be placed on the United States Munitions List
:     and controlled pursuant to the terms of the Arms Export
:     Control Act and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.
:     Any disputes regarding the decision to designate or
:     redesignate shall be resolved by the President."
:   WILLIAM J. CLINTON  11/15/96
:   1 if by land, 2 if by sea.  Paul Revere – encryption 1775

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productive parliament until agony

three-year period, the work of the Salvadoran death squads.

That’s right: the FBI murders people.

*   "FBI Killed Unarmed Man, Inquiry Shows", The New York Times, 1/14/97
*   A 21-year-old murder suspect who the FBI said they shot only after he
*   opened fire on them, was unarmed when he was killed.
*   A spokesman for the FBI, Ann Todd, declined to discuss the discrepancy
*   between the FBI’s initial report that Mr. Byrd had shot at members of
*   the FBI task force and the subsequent discovery by the Union County
*   Prosecutor that he was unarmed.
*   The FBI shot Mr. Byrd to death as he hid under a bed from them.

The FBI had Varelli "plant" a gun.

Thus giving CISPES a terrorist organization designation.

Not only did the FBI hassle them big time, but also the FBI/NSA broke
nationwide into homes and offices that were associated with them and
many other groups, including lawyers offices and churches.

In almost every incident, documents and files were ransacked while office
equipment and other valuable items were left untouched.

#   "Foes of Reagan Latin American Policies Fear They’re Under Surveillance"
#   By David Burnham, The New York Times, April 19, 198?
#   Among those who have cited incidents Sara Murray, staff organizer with
#   the Michigan Interfaith Committee on Central American Rights, said that
#   her organization made three separate first-class mailings in the last
#   few months but that only one out of about 100 letters was ever delivered.
#   The Post Office denied any responsibility.
#   Miss Murray also said someone had broken into her Detroit office and
#   stolen a mailing list, several files and two books. [snip]
#   A fr

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Bilengualism and it's effect on gesture and Non verbal communication.

What do you guys think?

you speak 2 languages,…. equaly to eachother..
neither is less advantaged than the other.

Woud your gestures and Non verbals differ when you speak one language
and then you speak the other?


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book induces terrance

wanted to sneak in an atom bomb?

Put a NAFTA sticker on it and drive right on in, y’all. Welcome to the USA.

If you want to really be certain, hide the A-bomb in a truck full of cocaine.

If a terrorist nuclear bomb ever goes off in this country,
it drove in from Mexico.

Meanwhile, Los Alamos National Laboratories developed technology that
allows an officer walking or driving down the street, as shown on MSNBC TV
6/9/97, to determine whether anyone on the sidewalk is
carrying a gun.

The priorities are all out of whack.

Apply Military technology towards securing the border, not by spending
billions and billions and billions each year to secure each and every
one of us.

We don’t put governing-monitors on all car engines to control speeding.
Get an Operations Research clue.

Is our government perpetuating the availability of drugs?

The 60 Minutes report sure makes it look like it is.

How could letting unchecked Mexican truck after unchecked Mexican truck
through not be?

!   FBI Director Louis J. Freeh, Senate Judiciary Committee, June 4, 1997

No shit, Sherlock!   Ya don’t nafta say another word.

Every single truck can be checked using Military technology.

Robots build our American cars: make a wide range of standardized "Nafta"
containers and have robots empty the trucks (obviously not tanker trucks,
that’s a different robot-checking line), have the robots inspect the
containers under the scrutiny of customs agents, then reload the truck.

Here’s some border securing technology:

*   Los Alamos National Laboratory,
*   Acoustic Resonance Spectroscopy (ARS) is a technology developed at
*   Los Alamos National Laboratory for the no

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football commissions henry

Texe Marrs was a career U.S. Air Force officer (retired).
He commanded communications-electronics and engineering units around the globe.

*   "Project L.U.C.I.D.", by Texe Marrs, 1996, ISBN 1-884302-02-5
*   Appendix 2: World Surveillance Headquarters
*   The report that follows, originally entitled "National Surveillance", was
*   written by Australia’s Peter Sawer and published in Inside News (P.O. Box
*   311, Maleny, Queensland 4552, Australia). It first came to my attention
*   when it was printed in the U.S. by LtCol Archibald E. Robert’s Bulletin,
*   the newsletter of the highly respected Committee to Restore the Constitu-
*   tion (P.O. Box 986, Fort Collins, Colorado 80522).
*   The article caused a flurry of activity and a round of vigorous denials,
*   admissions, coverups, and more denials by Australian political leaders.
*   The article contends that (1) America’s National Security Agency (NSA)
*   is the world surveillance headquarters, and (2) Australia has it’s own
*   secret "computer center", linked with the NSA via satellite, which
*   illegally watches over Australia’s citizenry.

Article snippets… capitalization by the original authors…

*   On a fateful fall day in America, on November 4th, 1952, a new United
*   States government agency quietly was

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pig apologises simone

receiving and possessing child pornography from
*   July 1995 to July 1996.
*   Mr. Harned worked at the District Attorney’s office for 11 years,
*   where he handled child pornography as well as homicide cases. He
*   was dismissed last summer after he was arrested on state charges
*   involving child pornography. The Federal counts, which carry
*   tougher penalties, will replace the state charges.
*   The child pornography files were discovered in Mr. Harned’s home
*   computer when it was taken in for repair. The computer store
*   alerted law enforcement officers.

Be careful what you…


Also, there seems to be a disagreement between citizens and
the Government over what even constitutes child pornography.

*   The New York Times, 1995
*   Newark, NJ, Jan 12 (AP)
*   A judge ruled today that a father must stand trial for taking nude photos
*   of his six-year-old daughter, despite the man’s claim that the pictures
*   were art, not pornography.
*   The judge ruled they were not art, despite Mr. Feuer’s instructor, Susan
*   Klechner of the International Center of Photography in New York City,
*   submitting an affidavit saying the pictures were taken for the course
*   and were consistent with the assignment.
*   After his arrest, Mr. Feuer was ordered not to have contact with his
*   daughter and could not stay at his home while the prosecution’s
*   investigation continued.
*   The order was lifted last April, but David Ruhnke, Mr. Fe

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decree compiles gilbert


To seek out information from noise, then act on the information.

Target accuracy for precision high altitude bombing requires
a complex feedback mechanism to control deployment (pre-GPS WW II).

*   My dad:
*   Norden bombsights revolutionized aerial bombing.
*   They were so accurate we stopped putting explosives
*   in the bombs and just aimed for people.

Communications, Command and Control. The above wasn’t really the best
example of OR, but I did get to quote my dad again. ;-)

*   "The Future of War – Power, Technology, and American World Dominance in
*   the 21st Century", by George & Meredith Friedman, 1996, ISBN 0-517-70403-X
*   A discipline named operations research had begun to develop prior to World
*   War II that aspired to use quantitative methodologies to develop a science
*   of management. [snip]
*   For the physicists and mathematicians of the Rand Corporation, the
*   intuitions of common sense were utterly insufficient as a guide to
*   management. Mathematical precision was necessary, and operations
*   research promised to supply that precision. [snip]
*   It had not jumped from the management of particular, limited areas of
*   warfare to the structuring of entire campaigns and wars. Operations
*   research had not penetrated to the very marrow of conventional warfare,
*   that is, not until an attempt was made in 1961 to revolutionize the idea
*   of war. This was done by an industrialist named Robert McNamara, who had
*   been president at Ford Motor Company.

Stafford Beer is a British cybernetician, and a ‘research philosopher’.

In 1970, a Dr. Salvador Allende became president of Chile.

He was a democratically elected Marxist, with 37% of the vote.

Allende immediately embarked on a massive nationalization of
the banks and major companies/industries in Chile.

In 1971, Stafford Beer began a project for Allende

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pole escapes fred

live in the home of the brave, land of the free.

We are controlled by the hand of the Freeh, beating the Drum of Fear.

It happened slowly over decades, a steady
drum-beat of destruction of the American Way.

Solely for the benefit of those in power.

Not for the people.

It’s supposed to be ‘government *for* the people, by the people’.

We have slowly reached a state of McCarthyism against any elected
official who shows ANY "SIGNS OF SOFTNESS" in the War against Crime.

The constant state of War against imaginary enemies must end.

By imaginary, I mean crime was going down the whole War time.

All we are saying, is give peace a chance.


I repeat: Civil war would have broken out.


Dire suspension of Constitutional protections happens during War:

    Abraham Lincoln ordered thousands of people detained without hearings,
    and opposition newspapers shut down during the Civil War. During
    World War II: the president orders Japanese and such to be held in
    internment camps.

So why do we have all these loss of freedoms during peacetime?


Because the Military has never stopped fighting World War II.

#   "Spy Agencies Faulted for War Focus"
#   By Tim Wiener,

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political gold round horror

*   Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), committee chair and chief sponsor of the
*   measure, led the attack, saying Congress must "stop child pornography
*   on the Internet."
*   He warned that "allowing encryption to be exported would permit child
*   pornographers to use it."
*   "If it’s being used for child pornography? Are we going to say
*   that’s just fine? That’s it’s just business? I don’t think so."
*   Sen. John Ashcroft (R-MO) tried to disagree. "It’s like photography. We’re
*   not going to [ban] photography if someone takes dirty pictures."
*   At this point, one of the more deaf committee members asked,
*   "Pornography? Are we going to ban pornography?"
*   The Senate Commerce Committee then approved McCain’s bill.
*   For a committee whose bailiwick is commerce, the senators seemed somewhat
*   detached from their mandate with business taking a backseat.

Thank you once again, oh Free World Leaders, for that intelligent discourse.

*   The New York Times, June 15 1997
*   "Washington Kidnaps Dick and Jane – See How Washington Uses Dick and Jane"
*   These days much of the nation’s political debate focuses on children – or
*   on the needs and interests of children as defined by politicians.
*   Mr. Horn, who was chief of the Childrens Bureau in the Bush Administration
*   added, "A cynic would say that children are being used as props or proxies."

Color me cynical.

It should be noted, of course, that uncrackable encryption called PGP is
available worldwide for free for all common platforms of computers, that
McCain’s bill would do NOTHING to address that (not possible anyway), and
so his argument WAS A TOTAL SHAM.

No newspaper in the country will explain that in their coverage.

The sole purpose of the McCain bill was to protect ECHELON.

#   "The McCain Mutiny", By Todd Lappin, Wired Magazine, June 1997
#   Question: How will we break the stalemate between the interests of

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