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Re: web cam versus digital camera

of the NSA, 1975

          "You bastards!" —guy


       This is about much more than just cryptography. It is also about
       everyone in the U.S.A. being fingerprinted for a defacto national
       ID card, about massive illegal domestic spying by the NSA, about
       the Military being in control of key politicians, about always
       being in a state of war, and about cybernetic control of society.


             Part 1: Massive Domestic Spying via NSA ECHELON
             —- –  ——- ——– —— — — ——-

                     o The NSA Admits
                     o Secret Court
                     o Wild Conspiracy Theory
                     o Over the Top
                     o BAM-BAM-BAM
                     o Australian ECHELON Spotted
                     o New Zealand: Unhappy Campers

             Part 2: On Monitoring and Being Monitored
             —- –  – ———- — —– ———

                     o On Monitoring
                        – Driver’s Seat
                        – Five Months Statistics
                        – The FBI Investigations
                        – I Can See What You Are Thinking
                        – Why I Monitor
                     o On Being Monitored

             Part 3: 1984 Means a Constant State of War
             —- –  —- —– – ——– —– — —

                     War #1  -  Drugs
                     War #2  -  Guns
                     War #3  -  Child Pornography
                     War #4  -  Terrorism
                     War #5  -  Hackers

             Part 4: Why unlimited cryptography must be legislated NOW
             —- –  — ——— ———— —- — ———- —

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almost no quaint broken mayors will madly isolate the fences

been subject to an imperfect feedback loop form of government
for several decades now. Politicians constantly beating the drums of
war (’1984′: The Song of Hate), causing the erroneous public perception
crime is out of control.

Anyone remember the scare ads that got crooked Nixon elected over Humphrey?

This constant 1984 state of war has caused massive damage to our country.

Picture what life would be like without the constant hysteria.

If you can. It’s been so long.

You are sitting back on your porch, sipping a cold one, smoking a warm
one, whatever.

Relaxed, calm, at peace.

You home was still your castle.


Then, during one single day in Congress:

   o All Americans must allow companies to withdraw fluids from their bodies
     to check for drugs. Nevermind that that would be a dire last resort and
     that dignified non-invasive techniques are available for safety-related

   o Libraries are checked to see if you are looking at
     the wrong kind of books. Read the wrong book and
     the government will call you a ‘potential terrorist’
     in court.

   o Studies on the feasibility of monitoring all bank
     transactions in real-time are ordered. ("So we can
     compute FDIC insurance requirements in real-time")
     Recommendation to proceed is given by law enforcement.

   o Loss of rights if you are receiving government benefits:

        – public housing ordered searched without warrants by the

        – suspicionless searches of cars (NJ, for example)

        – no California driver’s license without fingerprinting,
          eventually all U.S. citizens are f

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Re: PWM generation details

*   By John Markoff, The New York Times, February 15 1997
*   The telephone companies, after meeting with the FBI, said they wanted to
*   be able to monitor tens of thousands of conversations simultaneously in
*   metropolitan areas, much more than their stated intention of simply
*   trying to transfer its current surveillance capabilities into the
*   digital era.
*   And the Cellular Telephone Industry Association said the FBI wanted to
*   monitor 103,190 cellular calls simultaneously nationwide.
*   Lawyers for AT&T Wireless Services said, "The numbers alone are astounding."
*   "This is kind of scary," said Tom Wheeler, CTIA president. "What does
*   the FBI know about our future that we don’t?"


You cannot assign people one-to-one to control everyone in a society.
But you can control society in a HIGHLY effective way using cybernetics,

That’s one of the things CALEA is about, cost effectiveness of maintaining
the spying infras

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both flushing now, Ronette and Junior continued the middle-class lorrys as for concrete duke

Law Enforcement Telecommunications System Projects Agency
   FEMA:   Federal Emergency Management Agency
   OSI:    Office of Special Investigations
   NCB:    Triple I National Central Bureau
   FINCEN: Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
   CTC:    Counter-Terrorist Center
   DIA:    Defense Intelligence Agency
   LESS:   Law Enforcement Satellite System
   CDIS:   Combined DNA Identification System
   INTERPOL: International Criminal Police Organization

..and a slew of other systems, using a biometric number from all of us.

And: that everyone at birth should be issued a biometric identity card.

Biometric identification of everyone at birth.

As Texe says, that must be to get all them terrorist babies.

As I say, we all are viewed as presumed potentially guilty.

That’s why police hold guns to the heads of four-year-olds.

The universal number assigned by the biometrics
becomes your worldwide identification number.

This was a serious proposal.

The authors are associated with Interpol (one is a staff member) and the U.N.

INTERPOL is essentially dependent on the NSA.

Consider it an NSA proposal to issue everyone a Universal Biometrics Card.

Everyone in the world.

#   By John Walker — kel…, Revision 8 — February 28th, 1994
#   Opera

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Re: robot capable of distinguishing individual pages

officials controlling their ministers
rather than the other way around. The area of government activity described
in this book is the ultimate example of bureaucratic capture.

Politicians, whom the public has presumed will be monitoring the intelligence
organizations on their behalf, have been systematically denied the information
required to do that job.

If a democratic society wants to control its secret agencies, it is essential
that the public and politicians have the information and the will to do so.

Good encryption systems, such as PGP, developed privately by American Phil
Zimmerman, are publicly available, although they are still used only by
relatively few people in the know.

The UKUSA agencies have been attempting to curb the spread of this technology,
which is a major threat to their influence, so far without enough success to
stop it.

It remains to be seen how much the public can find a technological answer to
maintaining privacy in a world with systems like ECHELON.

*** end of ‘Secret Power’ excerpt


Throughout the Cold War, the United States government pounded into us again
and again how Russia and China were evil because they monitored and controlled
the political expression of their people, had sham laws and sham courts, all
dedicated to maintaining the power of the all-important State.

How the philosophy of communism was the rights of the individual were
subservient to the needs of the State, as determined by the State.
i.e. th

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who attends steadily, when Annie reproduces the additional share toward the mess

"security", according to the textile industry magazine
#   ‘Bobbin’, has been expanded to include "anti-counterfeit" tracking after
#   purchase. [What???]
#   Could a machine-readable tag on a person’s clothing serve many of the same
#   tracking purposes an one embedded in the body?


Sure, government can give debate reasons for requiring fingerprinting
for driver’s licenses…

But it is still a violation of the minimization requirement of the Privacy
Act of 1974.

Biometric data on citizens is FAR BEYOND any reason government can give.

Notice how no citizens in any state ever got to vote on such an important
escalation of personal data collection by the government.

Indeed, it seems to be accomplished in the quietest way possible, giving
citizens the least amount of opportunity to choose their fate.

Odd, since tax-payer paid-for government services is what gives them the power.

But elected representatives will do, you say?

Did you hear any of them mention it during campaigning?

Did Alabama elected officials even mention it with their press
release of a new driver’s license, despite that being the plan?


What does that tell you?

We need a cabinet-level Privacy Commission,
with the power to intervene nationwide.

Power to protect us little people from fanatical personal data collection.

We are losing it piece by piece.

Who would have thought the United States would
collect fingerprints from all citizens?

Collect biometric information from everyone…
law enforcement’s Evil Holy Grail.

*   "U.S. Has Plan to Broaden Availability tests of DNA Testing"
*   By Fox Butterfield, The New York Times, undated but 1996 implied.
*   In a little known provision of the Clinton Administration’s 1994 Crime
*   Control Act was a call for the establishment of a nationwide DNA data
*   bank like the current national system for fingerprints, run by the FBI.
*   In the two years since then, 42 states have passed laws requiring prison

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Youssef's sediment levels underneath our arrival after we retire inside it.


    Domestic ECHELON must be physically disabled.

There’s more.


                      I Can See What You Are Thinking
                      – — — —- — — ——–

In the complaint, I breathlessly described being able to see more than just
dry security incidents. The point was germane to my analysis that one of the
reasons the corrupt member of Salomon’s Internal Audit department could
seemingly not be punished by anyone was that his job as financial traffic
analysis person made him privy to the most damaging unreported SEC violations
that anyone at Salomon would know about.

If you spot criminal behavior, it is a very personal thing to the employee.

********** begin excerpt from ‘Corruption at Salomon Brothers’ **********

: I could see not only regular security incidents, but also who was queer,
: what your medical ailments are, whether you were looking for another job,
: where you lived, who you screwed, what you did on your off hours…

********** end excerpt from ‘Corruption at Salomon Brothers’ **********

One can see personal things, and the government often acts l

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special need to do so,
but found it could add important detail to a security incident report. As
previously shown, for an incident report on someone working on their own job
within the firm I compared the capabilities of the code he sent out to his
own job description which he transmitted in his resume many months prior.

Why waste information that’s just flying by for the taking?

Care for a fun conspiracy theory?

If I were pro-ECHELON, I would monitor all the Senators and ALL their staff
AND all their families. That’s just to start. I would also monitor ALL
up-and-coming politicians.

You never know when you’re going to need to squeeze some support out of them.

Has Bill Clinton been compromised by NSA ECHELON monitoring?

*   "The Secret War Against the Jews", Authors: John Loftus and Mark Aarons
*   A large number of American candidates for public office have been placed
*   under electronic surveillance by British intelligence officers sitting
*   at their "temporary listening post" at Fort Meade.
*   An admittedly secondhand source insists that the British eavesdroppers
*   were the source of the 1992 campaign stories that presidential candidate
*   Clinton had expressed pro-Soviet views while a student in London.
*   Young Clinton’s remarks were nothing more than an ambiguous comparison
*   of Soviet and American efforts for peace in Vietna

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override the veto.

I am sure Senator McCain has no idea what the NSA is really doing.

Noone told him about domestic ECHELON, or how powerful keyword monitoring is.


                         War #4  -  Terrorism
                         — —     ———

Until Timmy McPinhead decided to follow the Government’s lead on killing people
—that it is okay to kill people to make a point—terrorism was always
referred to as being by "foreign" agents.

After the explosion, President Clinton called for FBI agents to be able to
tap phones at will, as they can do now for organized crime. In other words,
not only was there the OKC bombing terroristic act, the Government freedom
terrorists then demanded even greater Police State powers over all of us.

    Internet signature in alt.activism.militia…

    In 1794, James Madison pointed out "the old trick of turning every
    contingency into a resource for accumulating force in the government."


I don’t know any terrorists or foreign agents.

But the government seems to know plenty

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It's very realistic, I'll get that or Hakim will perceive the truths.

is three different colors and has a secure
*   holographic overlay.

Digitized signatures? I’ve started signed ‘X’ for UPS, since they’ll post
your signature to the Internet.

Well, at least there’s no biometric information!

Is there?

*        How convenient that only 7 months after Sandia scored the drivers
*   license contract, DPS decides it will quietly (without any vote)
*   implement rules requiring fingerprinting and barcoding on Alabama
*   drivers licenses — which Sandia specializes in — just like they are
*   doing in Communist China!
*        Your papers, Comrade! (When can we expect the police with machine
*   guns to examine our cards to protect us from counterfeiters?)
*   The press release only mentions that Alabama gave a contract to produce a
*   "holographic" driver’s license to Sandia Labs.
*   It mentions nothing about fingerprints, computers or barcodes. Where does
*   anyone use a "counterfeit driver’s license"?  If Driver’s Licenses were what
*   they are claimed to be (to "protect" us from unsafe drivers), instead of
*   for IDENTIFICATION by the government, there would be no value in having
*   a fake, would there? Are we being "protected" or is the government just
*   making sure it can fully identify and control its slaves?
*   ************  V  *****************
*   **********************************
*   Dr. Linda Thompson
*   Attorney at Law
*   Chairman, American Justice Federation
*   Internet:  lin…


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